: The Simple LP Solver (V1.3.0a) : can solve large size linear programming problems in an efficient way. The size of the problem theoratically depends on the memory allocated to the program by the computer. Normally maximum of 2GB memory is allocated for a program. This limits the total array size to 128M; row count x column count (for the revised simplex methodology, constraint counts x constraints count while decision variables counts + >= constraints counts x constraints count for simplex methodology). Large inputs may take significant time (10s of minutes) even for loading the input from a file. 

The program provides Simplex and Revised Simplex solvers for both Primal and Dual calculations. If the all constraints are <=,  the Single Phase technique is applied while Two Phased technique is automatically used for others;  “ = ” and “ >= ” constraints.

The problems with two decision variables can be solved by using Graphical Method.

The Solver checks coefficent of decision variables and constraints if they are all zero. A constraint with all coefficients are zero is eliminated. Any redundant constraints are eliminated. The Solver also check the negative RHS values and converts them to positive by multiplying by -1 and changing the equality sign. The Solver checks the degeneration. Sample Input files and more information on the Linear Programming and the Program are available at www.tanels.com/html/simple_lp_solver.html


The program is based on Microsoft Windows (TM) Rich Edit Controls with multiple document support.  Therefore, the program supports many keyboard accelerators by default.

The program also has a simple text editor that supports plain text and richedit formats. When a blank document is created, document format is richedit by default. If it is saved as plain text, next time it is opened as plain text document. Richedit documents read from a drive are opened in richedit format regardless of the file extension. In example, if a richedit file has .txt extension, it is still opened as richedit file. Other formats are handled as plain text format.

The program also supports drag and drop feature. A file can be opened by dropping a document icon on the application icon.

This program is developed and distributed by Tanel as freeware for commercial and non-commercial use. The program is provided as it is with no guarantee in any manner. The use of the program is completely User's responsibility. The developer cannot be held responsible for the negative affects of the program.

Any improvement suggestions and bug reports can be e-mailed to Tanel; tanel.utilities@gmail.com. The suggestions and reports will be evaluated and may be incorporated in future releases.

For more information please visit www.tanels.com address.

This project was developed with Pelles C for Windows (C).