Simple Text Editor

Simple Text Editor Screen

This is a Simple Text Editor program with multiple document support. The program is based on Microsoft Windows (TM) Rich Edit Controls. Therefore, the program supports many keyboard accelerators by default.

The program supports plain text and richedit formats. When a blank document is created, document format is richedit by default. If it is saved as plain text, next time it is opened as plain text document.

Richedit documents read from a drive are opened in richedit format regardless of the file extension. In example, if a richedit file has .txt extension, it is still opened as richedit file. Other formats are handled as plain text format.

The program provides a toolbar and a status bar. The tool bar has basic fast access icons for some of frequently used functions that can be also accessed thru menu items. The menu items and tool bar buttons are enabled and disabled in accordance with current operation and status. File name is also displayed in the document window title bar (if it is maximized, in the main window's title bar) with full path name and document tab handle (file name only).

The status bar is located at the bottom section of main application window. It provides file name with full path name, text mode and status of Insert / Over Write for the current document.

The program also supports drag and drop feature. A file can be opened by dropping a document icon on the application icon.


The application requires Microsoft Windows XP SP2 or later operating systems running on systems with x86 CPUs and at least 128MB RAM.


The installation process is fast and straight forward. The installer provides information of the space required against the space available, selection of items to be installed and changing the installation directory. Uninstaller is provided as part of the installation process.

This is a portable application and can run anywhere. Help file should be in the same directory with the executable file.